SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

Getting a software engineer job is a dream for many graduates today. The reason behind this may be the higher 5-digit salaries, growth opportunities, hi-fi lifestyle and more. Although the majority of the graduates tend to join software training coaching centers to learn advanced technologies, they fail to do so due to the lack of clarity. Choosing the best software course among the numerous available options is the most challenging task. In this article we have discussed the importance of the most demanding course SAP HANA and also provided an overview of the SAP HANA course training program. This guide helps you choose the best SAP HANA training institute in Bangalore. 

SAP HANA Training in Bangalore
SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

What is SAP HANA?

In 2010, the Systems Applications and Products (SAP) launched SAP HANA – its own database server to rapidly process structured data from both SAP and non-SAP applications and databases. Recently the SAP has released S/4HANA, an advanced ERP system specially designed to run the SAP HANA. Both SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA frameworks provide exclusive product suites in relation to application areas and emerged as the best ERP frameworks on the market provided by SAP. The customer-oriented applications provided by the SAP HANA includes SuccessFactors SaaS, Concur and SAP HANA Vora IoT projects, Hybris, Ariba FieldGlass. Plus, the cloud-based SAP HANA technology allows you to integrate with customized, third-party applications and provides a market advantage at extremely low prices.

Why Should You Choose Your Career in SAP HANA?

With SAP HANA, businesses of all sizes can process huge amounts of data without much effort. SAP HANA has emerged as the most popular technology among businesses worldwide due to its high-end administrative capabilities. The advanced features such as advanced search and data integration capabilities and real-time data analytics for both structured and unstructured data makes the SAP HANA the must-have technology for the businesses of all sizes. There is a huge demand for the consultants with S/4HANA expertise. The good news here is that demand is still there for the consultants with significant knowledge in traditional SAP HANA.

Here is a list of average salaries for the SAP related jobs

  • SAP HANA Consultants receive around $97, 143
  • SAP Business Analysts receive around $84, 406
  • SAP Consultants receive around $68, 528
  • Functional Business Analysts receive around $92, 902

Who should attend SAP HANA Training?

The SAP HANA platform certification is suitable for 

  • BW Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • Technical/functional Consultants

Future Scope for SAP HANA

Industry experts say that the SAP HANA technology has the best career opportunities today and in the future as well. Many businesses around the world are investing in the SAP HANA platform due to the wide range of benefits the platform provides and as a result there is a huge demand for the candidates who are proficient in SAP HANA. The average salary for the SAP HANA is $40 per hour or $65000 per year. 

How IK Softech Helps You Learn SAP HANA and Assists in Achieving Your Dream Job?

Gaining sufficient knowledge in one or more applications and/or modules of SAP is essential to secure a high package salary in SAP domain. The candidates with basic knowledge of SQL can easily learn the concepts of SAP HANA and achieve certification.

To become proficient in SAP HANA, you should do proper research and work on live projects. The top SAP HANA course training in Bangalore such as IK Softech helps the SAP job aspirants achieve sufficient knowledge in SAP. A few SAP HANA training institutes in Bangalore also provide job assistance to the candidates after the course completion. This course provides in-depth knowledge on implementation of the SAP HANA database and all the concepts of SAP that are required to effectively manage business operations and bulk amounts of data.

Our proficient tutors give full support and real-time project assistance and help you learn the entire SAP HANA course thoroughly. Contact IK Softech today and enroll for SAP HANA course training program and open doors for your bright career.

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