SAP Migration & Upgrades

Migration & Upgrades

SAP needs to be updated regularly with the technological changes taking place like SAP Migration upgrades. Customers are tested to execute new plans by upgrading their Platform with new highlights and functionalities.

Our Migration and Upgrade solutions take into enterprise’s requirement to move to new ideas or new innovations. Upgrade or Migration service is a complex action and needs through planning and master project execution.

IKSoftech guarantees that the clients face least personal time, smooth progress and effective update & migration. The current SAP system remains entire. Our Upgrade and Migration Services guarantee quick, smooth transition progress.

Our group personally works with you to deal with all specific aspects of the SAP System upgrading and immigration from execution and start-up, through practical improvement attempts to Go-live and Support.

SAP – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The processes reflected in the ERP system are essential for positive, efficient interaction between all areas of your business; they constitute the digital backbone of the company. As process-oriented consultants, we provide you with support during the introduction and further development of your processes and systems. We do this based on the AROXIS 3-point approach that meaningfully brings together the needs of people, information technology and business management.